Summer Makeup Perfect for the Fair & Freckled Complexion

Summer Makeup Perfect for the Fair & Freckled Complexion

After the winter that seemed to never end, I have already started griping about summer humidity and nasty gnats – it’s official you guys. Summer is coming to Eastern Iowa. And that means a new beauty look is in order for the warmer temperatures. I’m pretty excited to partner with the Moody Sisters and show you some of their handmade organic summer makeup  – perfect for the fair & freckled complexion that I have! {But don’t worry – if you aren’t fair and freckled like me – they also have the right shades of makeup for you too!} And make sure you read to the end! I’ve got a fun giveaway for you today!!

fair n freckled make up from the Moody Sisters

Summer Makeup Perfect for the Fair & Freckled Complexion

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Succulent Container Garden DIY

I really noticed succulents last year for the first time and instantly fell in love. What’s not to like about them? They’re pretty to look at and hardy, easy to grow plants. I’ve been wanted to make a succulent planter for a long time, but never found the right plants. That all changed recently when I headed to a new to me garden center and found the mother-load of succulent plants for sale for $3 each! I was so excited that I almost bought one of all of them. But I made myself stop at 11, because I already had a gorgeous hen and chicks plant at home to add to the mix. Here’s what I did with them!

Succulent Planter DIY

Succulent Container Garden DIY

Really, you guys. As with most of my projects, this one is so easy. Just find a bunch of succulents, a nice pot, and get some succulent dirt. Then put it all together and you’re done!

Succulent Planter DIYCollage

I found my succulents at a place called Garden Greenhouse. If you’re in Eastern Iowa and would like to go there, it’s definitely off the beaten path, located just outside Blue Grass off Coon Hunters Road from Hwy 61 – 12577 95the Ave, Blue Grass, Iowa. I didn’t find a website for them, but they’re open from 8 am to 7 pm and have a nice, reasonably priced assortment of plants. They also have pre-made succulent gardens, if you’d rather buy one, but I thought it was cheaper and more fun to make my own.

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Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 5/26/2015

Happy Tuesday, Garden Buddies! I hope you all had a productive week last week as we sure did. Despite rain and wind, a 5th birthday for my baby, and my husband focused mostly on our passive house build, I managed to load and haul three dump trailer loads of mulch – that’s an accomplishment for me since I don’t normally run the tractor or tow with our truck!

5.26 SLL Tuesday Garden PartyWe continue to harvest greens from my garden! I’ve got tons of lovely spinach (from leftover Amsterdam Prickly Seeded Spinach seeds from last year’s Baker Creek Seeds order), and I’m picking romaine lettuce leaves to add to our salad as well. I’ve got a lovely volunteer lettuce plant in my potato bed that I’m just waiting a couple more days to harvest. I love this Forellenschluss lettuce I bought last year from Baker Creek.

I was also able to mulch my potato patch and tomatoes; install trellis and plant cucumber seeds (I’m taking my garden more vertical this year in an attempt to free up more space); and weed a good portion of the onions and garlic and strawberries.

My one garden conundrum is my flowering broccoli raab. I’ve never grown broccoli raab before and am confused as to why it has flowered already! What’s up? Have any of you every grown broccoli raab before??

This week, I need to plant my Three Sisters Garden and the last of my companion plants, as well as continue to weed and mulch. My carrots are disappearing under weeds and my peas would benefit from some weeding as well. I’m also building tomato cages and working on my berry batch.

And that’s my garden update for the week! Let’s get the party started!

Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 5/26/2015
Tuesday Garden Party Co-Hosts_updated header.3

It’s Tuesday and time for the Garden Party! Read on to link up your garden inspired posts – recipes, diy, tutorials, and tips & tricks! If you don’t have posts to link up, come keep reading for a big dose of garden inspiration!

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Happy Home Birth Story #4 – Sara’s Homebirth Story

It’s been FIVE years now since my last child was born. I plan each year to share her home birthday story, and each year comes and goes with no post from me. This year, I am finally making it happen.

Happy 5th birthday Sara

I’ve reflected many times on my reluctance to share Sara’s birth story. She was born beautifully and uneventfully at home, in what can really be described as an easy birth – after only about an hour of active labor. I think my unwillingness to write down her story stems from what happened weeks, months, and a year after her birth – severe sciatic pain almost immediately after her birth that ended with a ruptured disk and back surgery for me when Sara was four months old. My feelings of abandonment by my midwife due to her legal trouble {stupid legal trouble from stupid doctors, but enough trouble that she was not able to provide care to the end of our 6 week post-partum period and I found no one else to take her place}. And also, Sara’s diagnosis at 15 months with Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip – not life threatening at all, but a horrible diagnosis that has already resulted in three surgeries and will most likely mean more in her future. These three events have really clouded my memory of her beautiful birth, and that’s not Sara’s fault at all, or very fair. I guess, it’s high time that I put all of these unpleasant memories aside and record her birth story before I forget it altogether. I’ve already forgotten so many details.

Pregnancy #4 pic collage

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