Grab This Week’s Free Kindle eBooks on Amazon

Here’s my weekly round-up of free Amazon Kindle ebooks on Amazon! I found many more books: for cooks,  kids, and then miscellaneous books I’m interested in {and since I am a crunchy mama…I’m calling them books for crunchy people!}

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If you don’t have a kindle, but have a computer, iPad, or smart phone, head on over to download a Free Kindle App. Or you could go here and buy a Kindle ! Make sure you check the prices as they change quickly on Amazon. While everything was free when I posted, it’s highly likely that they will change!

Free Kindle Ebooks

Cookbooks, fiction, nonfiction and children's books are included in this weekly free Amazon Kindle eBooks round-up. Check back every Friday for a new list.


The House

Second Summer

Deadly Proof

Above All Else

The Haunting of Winchester Mansion

Cookbooks, fiction, nonfiction and children's books are included in this weekly free Amazon Kindle eBooks round-up. Check back every Friday for a new list.


Minimalist Living

Dig for Your Dinner in May

Simply Frugal

597 Business Ideas You can Start from Home

Draw Faces: How to Speed Draw Faces and Portraits in 15 Minutes

Cookbooks, fiction, nonfiction and children's books are included in this weekly free Amazon Kindle eBooks round-up. Check back every Friday for a new list.


Simple Comfort Foods

Meal Prep

Budget Cooking for One ~ Desserts: Simple Single Serving Desserts

Wonder of Sheet Pan

Delicious Fast Food Diet: Try these Amazing 25 Healthy Fast Food Recipes at Home

Cookbooks, fiction, nonfiction and children's books are included in this weekly free Amazon Kindle eBooks round-up. Check back every Friday for a new list.

Kids Books

Happy Hat Day

Fire Mage

The Mouse Bird/a>

The Pet Washer

Extreme Weather! Learn Fun Facts About Storms and Natural Disasters

Many thanks to Shelly from Frugal Family Home for her help compiling this list of free amazon Kindle eBooks. 

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Beautiful & Useful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms Who Garden {& free printable!}

If you’re wondering what to give for Mother’s Day, make sure you check out this list of beautiful and useful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms Who Garden!  We also made you free printable gardening coupons for gardening chores! Give them to your mom or have your kids give them to you {hint hint}…*This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting my site and my Amazon Prime addiction.*

Beautiful & Useful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms Who Garden

Today’s installment of Tuesdays in Garden is all about helping you find the right gift to celebrate your Mom. Whether you want to handcraft a beautiful Mother’s Day gift or buy one, we’ve got you covered. This post contains so many great ideas for Mother’s Day, you’re sure to find the perfect gift idea. And at the end of the post, you’ll also find the link to free printable garden coupons, my gift to you, loyal readers. Thank you for being here.

Free printable garden chore coupons. The perfect Gift Idea for Gardening Moms

Garden Harvest Baskets

A beautiful garden harvest basket is something I have wanted for a long time, but have never bought for myself. I know that any one of these baskets would make a great gift for a mom who loves gardening. These are the top three that caught my eye on Amazon, but there are certainly other beautiful options as well. If you’d like to make your mom an extra special garden themed gift, grab one of these baskets and then fill it up with a few of the other items on my list. I’m sure a garden bounty basket filled with useful garden items would be a huge hit!

 Pike’s Original Maine Garden Hod Set of 3 Sussex Trugs Metal Harvest Basket

Unique Garden Plant Markers

Garden plant markers are another fun gardening gift, and also something I never bother to buy for myself. I don’t have garden markers, but I really love the classic metal markers included in this list of ideas and would absolutely love it if someone gave them to me!

 Chalkboard Look Vegetable Markers Slate Artisan Plant Markers Classic Metal Garden Markers

Fun Indoor Gardening Kits

If your mom likes gardening kits, these kits might fit the bill! Not only are the lovely to look at, but they’re practical too! I think the cans of herbs or the indoor cilantro jar would look lovely on the kitchen window sill. I’ve never grown my own mushrooms, but have always thought it would be fun to try.

 Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm Back to the Roots Organic Herbs in a Can Indoor Cilantro Herb in Jar

Items that Help Attract Pollinators to the Garden

Every gardening mom knows that pollinators are essential to successful gardens. If you’d like to gift your mom something to help her attract pollinators to her garden, here are a few useful and beautiful items. I actually have the bee house and the hummingbird feeder and love them both.


 Bee House and Insect Home Mason Jar Hummingbird Feeder Pollinator Friendly Gardening

My Favorite Organic Gardening Books

Gardening books are not only useful, but fun as well. Make sure to add a gardening book to the harvest basket gift! Your favorite gardener would appreciate any of these gardening books. 😀

 The Backyard Homestead: Produce all the food you need on just a quarter acre! Rodale’s Basic Organic Gardening: A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Healthy Garden Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening

Useful Gardening Tools

Beautiful and practical gardening tools are always a hit in my book. I love my steel watering cans and garden knife. They’re useful for so many reasons. Admittedly, I don’t wear my garden gloves as often as I should, but maybe this year will be the year I actually start. 🙂


 2-1/2-Gallon Steel Watering Can Leather Gardening Gloves Hori Hori Garden Knife

Fun Gardening T-Shirts

So these gifts aren’t necessarily practical, but they are awfully cute. If your mom loves gardening and t-shrits, maybe one of these fun t-shirts would be right up her alley.

 Work In My Garden & Drink Wine T-Shirt Crazy Garden Lady T-Shrit Women’s Worms Dig My Garden T-Shirt

Fun Gardening Signs

Also not practical, but a fun gift nonetheless, here are a few of my favorite garden related signs. 😀 These are decor, obviously, not for use in your garden. But they could make for cute displays in a gardening shed or on a front porch.

 Dirty Hoe Garden Vintage Metal Sign Pull Weeds Sign Funny Wooden Garden Sign

Tuesdays in the Garden

Tuesdays in the Garden 2017

I’ve shared a few beautiful and useful gift ideas you can buy, but my gardening friends also have a few DIY options today too! If you’d rather make your mom a homemade gift, check out these wonderful ideas from the Tuesdays in the Garden Gang. 🙂

frugal family homeFrom Shelly @Frugal Family Home – Mason Jar Herb Garden

hearth and vineFrom Patti @Hearth & Vine – How to Make an Herb Garden in a Burlap Sack

 An Oregon Cottage

From Jami @An Oregon Cottage – Easy DIY Gardener’s Hand Cream

Angie freckled rose

From Angie @The Freckled Rose – Gifts for Your Gardener

homemade food junkieFrom Diane @Homemade Food Junkie – Container Garden Tips 

Bren Haas

From Bren @Bren Hass – Kid Friendly Way to Say Happy Earth Day

6 Easy Mother's Day Planter Ideas

Also from me: 6 Easy Planter Ideas for Mother’s Day

 Printable Mother's Day Garden chore coupons

If you’d like to download the free printable coupons, just click the link and a PDF file will , Mother’s Day Coupons –  from Simplify Live Love. You can print the coupons on 8 1/2 x 11″ card stock, cut them out, and give to your beloved gardener. Or in my case, I’d print them out, cut them, and then beg my kids to give them to me. LOL!

Happy Mother’s Day to you!! 

12 Things You Need to Know About Driving in Germany

Driving in Germany is a lot of fun, but there are some things you need to know before you rent a car and take off on the Autobahn. This list of twelve things you need to know will help you avoid tickets, stay safe, and have a lot of fun on German Autobahn. By the way, 160 kmh = 100 mph. Important details. 🙂

12 things you must know about driving in Germany to keep you safe, sane, and traffic ticket free.

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12 Things You Need to Know About Driving in Germany

We logged 2900 km on our recent trip to Europe with our four kids and learned a lot about driving through Germany in our rented mini-van. While my husband Dan definitely enjoyed driving at break-neck speed when he could on the Autobahn, there is a lot more to driving in Germany than simply going fast. Take note of these tips so you’re prepared for your German driving adventure!

Traffic is lighter on Sundays in Germany when the Semis are prohibited from driving.

Best time to drive on the Autobahn 

1. Semis are not allowed to drive on Sundays, so the roads are a lot less crowded. It’s very interesting to see the semis pulled over and stopped at all of the rest areas along the roads all day long on Sundays. (They also pull off and stop for the night most nights too). While the roads are less crowded, you will have to navigate around a ton of semis at the rest areas if you’re driving on Sundays. Even so, we found driving on Sundays to be a great time to be on the road!

2. Fridays are also very busy traffic days as commuters head home for the weekend. If at all possible, I recommend either driving earlier in the day on Fridays or not driving at all. For sure, try to arrive at your destination before afternoon/evening rush hour traffic begins, or you will be stuck in lots of staus (traffic jams) on the Autobahn.

Paying for a toilet at a German Raststatt

Bathrooms on the Autobahn

3. Bathrooms at rest areas (Autobahn Raststaette) cost 70 cents (and you often pay via a vending machine like the one pictured above!) But, on the back of your toilet ticket is a 50 cent coupon to use in the Raststatt store. You can buy one item and use all the coupons you have, so save them all if you have multiple family members using the tiolet. Kids under a certain height are free, and the bathrooms are really clean and well-maintained.

4. Bathrooms at picnic areas are free, but seriously disgusting. It’s worth the 70 cents to use the nice, clean bathrooms at the Raststatt. Otherwise, you’ll be tiptoeing around trash, hovering over nasty toilets, and skipping the sink in favor of hand sanitizer. No fun, especially with young kids.

The “rules” of the Autobahn

5. There are almost always traffic jams and the speed limit changes all the time! Traffic slows during rain, for construction, and in some urban areas, so make sure you pay attention to the speed limits. Also, expect some soft of traffic jam every time you go on the autobahn. Add a bit of extra time to your travel plans to allow for them.

6. There’s a definite system of rules on the autobahn which drivers follow with precision and predictability. Only drive in the left lane to pass, for instance, or you will make a Mercedes, BMW, or Porsche driver mad and get flashed to get over. German drivers switch lanes a lot, but always from the left. Never, ever, ever, pass anyone on the right.

7. Road rage doesn’t really seem to be much of an issue, but you will certainly get flashed if you hang out in the left lane too long. The drivers also like to honk a lot in towns. Drivers do get mad, but it seems different than the real anger I sometimes witness here in the States.

8. Pay attention to toll requirements. Autobahns are toll-free, but if you’re driving in Bavaria, it’s pretty easy to end up in Austria without realizing it. Austrian highways require stickers, called vignettes, that you have to buy at a gas station BEFORE you get on these toll roads. If you’re caught without a vignette (and there are a lot of cameras taking pictures), you’ll get a bill a few weeks later. Ask me how I know this. 😉

German Navi displays the speed limit in rental cars

Miscellaneous things to consider about driving in Germany

9. The Navigation System you can pay extra for on your rental is worth its weight in gold. The speed limit changes all. the. time. and the navigation system displays the current speed limit on on the dash. I probably don’t have to tell you this, but following the speed limit will keep you from getting tickets. 😉

10. German roads are controlled by a lot of traffic cameras, and they don’t have to let you know that like they do in the US. It’s important to go the speed limit or you might end up getting blitzed and find a speeding ticket in your mailbox.

11. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the German road signs before you go, as they are quite a lot different than the signs we have in the US. For a printable list of German road signs, head on over and print one out.

12. Finally, the word AUSFAHRT. No, it doesn’t mean a bodily function. It’s also not the name of town. Ausfahrt means EXIT (from a road – there’s a different word for an exit from a building) and you’ll see signs indicating exits all along the Autobahn.

Too see where we drove in Germany, head on over to these posts.





And that’s it, my top 12 tips for safe and fun driving in Germany. Have you driven in Germany? What did you learn from the process?

Let’s Garden! Printable Garden Planting Guide Zone 5

It’s finally spring in Eastern Iowa and the garden tasks are piling up already! Today, I’m sharing a list of what you need to be planing in your garden this month as well as a printable Garden Planting Guide for the whole season!! This printable is a great way to start a garden notebook so you can keep better track of your successes and failures in the garden.

Planting Guide

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Welcome back to Tuesdays in the Garden! Today, we’re talking more about spring gardens – how to create beautiful flowering planters, as well as tips and garden growing tasks. For links to all the great gardening tips, read to the bottom of the post.

Printable Garden Planting Guide – Zone 5

Zone 5 encompasses most of Iowa, Nebraska, and parts of Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado and more. It’s very important that you know your garden zone so you’re planting at the right time. If you don’t know your garden zone, make sure you find out here. Zone 5 has an average last frost date of May 15 and an average first frost date of October 15. These dates do vary from year to year and you have to pay close attention to the weather in the spring and fall if you want your garden to thrive, but make sure you know what the dates are supposed to be!

daffodils in Eastern Iowa

What’s going on in my garden

Spring has finally spring in my neck of the woods. My garlic is up and lovely, the first sprigs of asparagus are peeking through the ground, and my daffodils finally bloomed JUST YESTERDAY, even though the daffodils in town have bloomed and are done already. If you’ve heard the phrase windy prairie and wonder what the heck that means, just come on over for a visit. It’s so windy out here – it makes it much cooler than it is town.

simplifylivelove garden - early april

My garden looks like I’m growing straw this year instead of crops. I was lucky to get a huge load of free straw from my in-laws who tore down an old barn at their farm. I used it to mulch the rows of my garlic and also to mulch the whole potato patch.

I’m transitioning a large portion of my garden to raised beds this year {and they aren’t done yet…}, so I haven’t planted much yet. But the garlic I planted in the fall is up and we planted potatoes over the weekend because they aren’t going in the raised beds.

ducklings helping to plant the potatoes

There are a lot of crops you should be planting in your garden in April in Zone 5, but all I have planted so far are potatoes. With the help of pecking ducks and griping children, we planted 150 seed potatoes pieces over the weekend. I love growing potatoes using the No-Dig Method because it’s not hard. It requires only a shallow furrow and lots of mulch. I’ve been using the No-Dig method for years and it works great. If you’re growing potatoes this year, make sure you prepare your seed potatoes for planting first following these directions.

Let's Garden! Printable Garden Planting Guide Zone 5

In zone 5, you should plant these cool weather crops in April 

Cool weather plants that you should be planting now can tolerate a light frost, but warm weather plants cannot. Make sure you hold off on tomatoes and cucumbers for now.

  • Beets, from seed
  • Broccoli, seedlings
  • Cabbage, seedlings
  • Carrots, from seed
  • Cauliflower, seedlings
  • Chard, from seed
  • Kale, from seed
  • Lettuce, from seed
  • Onions, sets
  • Peas, from seed
  • Potatoes, from seed potatoes
  • Radish, from seed
  • Spinach, from seed
  • Turnips, from seed

To help you know when to plant your garden, I created a free printable for you to use. It includes spots so you can keep track of when you plant what, how many days to harvest, and when you should begin harvesting. It also lets you know what you should consider planting in succession, and how long to space out your plantings.It’s geared for Zone 5, but the planting order will work for any zone. Every garden zone starts out planting cool weather crops first, they just do so earlier {or later} in the year.

To download your copy of the Garden Planting Guide, click the link!

Start your garden notebook with this handy garden planting guide. Use it to know when to plant what, keep track of when you planted, when you should harvest, and what seed varieties you planted.

I’d love feedback on the garden planting guide, so please let me know what you think after you download and use it!!”

Tuesdays in the Garden

For more great gardening tips, check out these helpful posts from my gardening friends! From spring flowering baskets, to more helpful garden tips, we’ve got you covered!

Frugal Family Home

From [email protected]Succession Planting Tips

an oregon cottage

Jami @An Oregon Cottage – Organic Garden Checklist

Homemade Food Junkie

Diane @Homemade Food Junkie – 5 Tips for Pollinator Success

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From [email protected]5 Tips for Creating Beautiful Window Boxes