Wine Clearance at Walgreens!!

I went to Walgreens yesterday to get the coffee from yesterday’s post. They only had 2 so I got them. Then I turned around and noticed an orange clearance tag on a lot of their wine – Beringer is marked down to $1.79 a bottle. If you buy 4 or more, you get an additional 10% off. Here’s how I did it:

Transaction 1:
6 Bottles of wine
2 bags of Starbucks – 2 $1.50 off coupons from here
Paid with $10 RR from Neuragen PN and $10.65 cash
Got back nothing. :-)
 Transaction 2:
1 Neuragen PN – $10 coupon
1 Valentine’s pencil with eraser – in ad coupon (filler so I could use a RR)
Paid with $4 RR from Hand Sanitizer and $2.05 cash
Got back $10 RR

My Walgreens has all kinds of wine on clearance. If you are a wine drinker, you might want to check it out!

DeathSTORM 2011 Shopping 2/1

I finally decided the weather people are not just hyping this storm and ran to town today to get a few staples so we can survive the big blizzard.
Since I wanted a quick trip, I ran to Aldi where I scored two huge cauliflower heads for 99 cents each, 3 packs of cheddar cheese, 4 dozen eggs (boy will I be glad when it warms up and my friend’s happy chickens start laying again so I can get farm fresh eggs), various other veggies & fruits, milk, and a bunch of frozen fruit for smoothies. My mother is here helping with our move and insisted on paying $20 so my share was under $20 for the rest. Hopefully, that will get us through our big SNOW STORM.
Then, since Walgreens is across the street (I only had the baby), I ran over there…(can’t resist). :-)

I did 4 transactions. First, I bought the Neuragen PN.  It cost $14.99 and I had a $10 coupon from the magazine below. It’s free at Walgreens! Find it by the pharmacy! Used a $3 RR from last week, paid $3.43 and got back $10 RR for the Neragen. I just realized I should have paid less – the chashier did not get my coupon for the Butterfingers entered in. Oh well.

What I really wanted was the Arnica Gel. It is $5.99 with a $6RR. There is a $2 coupon here. Since the Neuragen is a pretty good money maker, there was lots in the store, and I had another coupon, I bought another one of them too. The rest of the things I bought as fillers to so I could roll my register rewards.

All told, I spent my $3 RR and $7.46 cash. I left with $16 RR! That means Walgreens PAID ME almost $6 to shop there today. I  LOVE it!

Anyhow, I hope you are all stocked and will be able to weather the storm in fine fashion. Check out HIP2SAVE for coupon match-ups while you’re stuck inside and plan some good Walgreens trips!!

Find these FREE books by the pharmacy. They have lots of good coupons in them!
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My Shopping Trips, Jan 23-28

1. Sam’s Club: I bought 8 lbs of nuts and a gallon of milk using a gift card from some returned items. Someone please tell me if $5/lb is a good deal for nuts. I have not priced them a lot and it seems high. But nuts are expensive. Hopefully these last us a while.

2. Aldi – Aldi had pineapple on sale for $1.19 each so I bought 2. I also bought 2 bags of tortilla chips for 99 cents each. I almost always buy chips at Aldi. We don’t like their generic Doritos or Fritos much, but their tortilla chips are good! So I spent just under $5 at Aldi.

3. Jewel-Osco…I used our homeschool meeting in Moline as another reason to hit Jewel. Last time I was there I bought the hummus that ended up being free after coupons. Well, I actually had forgotten my coupons but remembered that I could bring them back in for a refund. So, I took them my receipt and $10.50 in coupons and they gave it to me in cash! No questions asked. I also got MORE pasta…I had $1/1 coupons from the 1/23 SS and the Garden Delight was $5/4 so I paid $1 for all four boxes. We love the Mountain High Yogurt so I got it, some milk and some Greek Yogurt I also had coupons for. I paid with $8 RR from Walgreens and $2 in cash.

4. Target…I wanted to get free mascara and cheep cheese at Target, but it didn’t end up being as good as I thought. But I did get that mayo for 4 cents after using the coupon from the 1/23 SS and a Target coupon from here. Target used to have really good deals, but I haven’t found a lot of super duper ones lately. I ended up paying $5.59 for everything in the picture after all of my coupons. Not shabby, but not great.

5. Staples…Okay, not groceries, but one thing I have been working on is getting our company office supplies more cheaply. Staples has a great rewards program and I have Staples $$. I bought everything in the picture using Staples dollars and will get it ALL back in more Staples dollars. Can’t beat that!

6. Walgreens – I had a lot of RR to use up this week because they were expiring. So, I bought some REALLY nasty medicine I wish I wouldn’t have bought and 3 packs of diapers. I use cloth diapers during the day, but disposables at night. This was a cheap way to stock up. I did use up $23 RR, but now I have enough diapers to last a few months and $3 RR left to play with.

7. And, finally, Fareway…They had some great deals on produce and wine! Two things I love. I was just about out of money for the month so I didn’t buy a lot. I did find this Margartia mix (with tequila) for $4.99 and right above it was a form for a $5 rebate.  So I bought 2 – in different transactions (one for us, one for in-laws). It’s probably pretty nasty, but it was free. My hubby will try about anything… The wine is not bad – on par with the Winking Owl from Aldi but 50cents a bottle cheaper during this sale. They didn’t have much at all so I asked for a rain-check and got one. I was actually glad to get the rain check as I am out of grocery money for the month!! :-)

I’ll be posting the wrap up from my Eat from the Pantry/Freezer Challenge in a couple days! I’m curious to hear how you did, too, if you participated.

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My Shopping Trips, Jan 16-21

Did you get any good deals this week? Here are mine:

1. At Walgreens, I spent $2.25 OOP and $5RR. I got 3 dozen eggs using a rain check from last week and one tube of Tom’s toothpaste for kids. I want to find more of this toothpaste because I have a hard time finding cheap toothpaste for my kids. I got back $3RR for the toothpaste.

My plan is to combine a tube of toothpaste with a pack of Thermacare, pay 50 cents + tax and $5RR and get back $5.50 RR ($3 for the toothpaste, $2.50 for the Thermacare). I hope I can get my printer working to print the thermacare coupons AND find more toothpaste at Walgreens.

2. I ordered night time diapers for Cora on Originally, the box of Luvs cost $35.54. After a 15% discount for subscribe and save (which I will cancel) and a 15% discount for Amazon Mom, the cost came down to $24.88. Then I used a 20% coupon code I found in a Parenting magazine at the doctor’s office to bring the cost down to $17.79. AND then I paid with gift cards I have earned using SWAGBUCKS and paid a grand total of ZERO OOP.

If you haven’t jumped on the Swagbucks bandwagon yet, I highly recommend it! I have been doing it for over 2 years and have earned a lot of free Amazon gift cards. You can sign up here, if you are interested and you’ll get 30 Swagbucks for signing up. Then, you just use their search engine and you are automatically rewarded randomly with more Swagbucks. When you have 450, you can redeem them for a $5 Amazon gift card. It takes me a little less than a month to earn 450 points. Now, just so you know, the search engine isn’t that great. If you want to get real information, I’d suggest still using Google, or whatever you use. But to get back and forth between blogs, or other sites you want to get to, Swagbucks is great.

3. Next, a pasta stock-up purchase at Walmart. The Ronzoni Healthy Harvest and Smart Start pasta was recently 10 for $10 at Jewel-Osco. I never made it there to buy them because the weather has been so bad lately, so I went to Walmart to price match. Well, at Wal-mart they were on sale for $1.08 each. I was especially thrilled to find the lasagna noodles for the same price. I used a bunch of $1/2 coupons  to get each box for 50 cents. (I debated about price matching for 8 cents, but I bought so many boxes that I decided I’d take the extra $2). I know, I’m really, really, cheap… :-) Anyhow, I paid with a gift card I got for returning art supplies from a Christmas present project we never made after Sara ended up in the hospital before Christmas, and $4 cash. And now I’m stocked on pasta for at least 6 months!!

4. Finally, I stopped in at Fareway today to take advantage of their 49cent / lb apples! I’ve said this before, but I really love Fareway… :-) I also picked up some going-bad bananas for 69 cents total (we eat fruit so quickly that it won’t go bad – but if it does get questionable, I’ll freeze them for banana bread and smoothies), and 10 lbs of chicken leg quarters (price matched to Hy-Vee’s sale). I boil these in my huge pot until the meat falls off the bone and then I use the meat for all sorts of yummy foods. But the best part is the broth! Leg quarters make the best broth for soup. YUMM-O! I spent $19 even at Fareway.

How’d you do? I know Sara found some Brie wedges for 99 cents at Hy-Vee. I wanted to stop and try to find some myself, but it was too coooooooooold today. Did you find anything good??

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