Correcting Children’s Grammar

I’m taking a slightly different approach to my weekly 5 Minute Grammar post this week! While adults make lots of silly grammar mistakes that irritate me, I love the mistakes my kids make (within reason)…

The focus of my Master’s degree was on second language acquisition. Part of my learning process was also to think about how we acquire our first language. If we could learn a second language as easily as our first language, we’d be set!

Think about it, we don’t really learn our first language. We absorb it. Inevitably, as children’s young brains


  1. Jessica N says

    Logan says “I be stuck”, it totally cracks me up! He also calls the sunrise the sunset (he’s seen more of those). I was trying to explain and now he says the sunset is rising. LOL!

  2. Susan says

    Ryan says,”Fridgederator” instead of refrigerator. Wes modeled for this for him just the other day, and Ryan repeated it correctly. This nearly broke my heart! I don’t know that if I am ready for him to give up “Fridgederator” just yet!

  3. says

    Interesting to know that there’s a name for what I’ve been doing instinctively (modeling).

    Kevin adds -ed to everything but but in addition to sometimes adding that incorrectly, he also pronounces it incorrectly! He puts an emphasis on it… “I pickED it up.” (correct addition but incorrectly pronouned) I laugh inside but try to model the correct way to say it.

  4. Robin H says

    Ian used to call powder “pow-WOO.” Of course I encouraged this because I thought it was just too funny. My DH mentioned that we might want to correct him some time before puberty. So I “corrected” Ian by saying, “pow-der, -der, -der, powder,” and he replied, “-der, -der, -der, pow-WOO!”

  5. Andrea says

    Jay still slips up once and a while and say “prenzulls” for pretzels. I love it.

    And Ava Jane says “Fast Forward Food” for fast food. That one cracks me up too.

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