Feb Freezer Cooking

I like to have prepared meals and meal components in my freezer to simplify meal time. Because we did such a good job eating from the freezer in January, I had pretty much nothing left except the baking packets I made earlier in Feb. They are great for breakfast, but aren’t very helpful at dinner time!

So, I took the 10 lbs of ground beef I bought at Sam’s Club and made 3 dinners of spaghetti sauce using the red sauce recipe from here. We had meatless spaghetti for dinner one night with the red sacue. I also made a triple batch of beef stroganoff (with the cheap mushrooms from Aldi) and froze two packets after we had it for dinner one night. Dan made a wicked double batch of taco meat and we froze half for another meal later. The rest of the meat I left raw and just portioned it into three packs.

The 10 lbs of ground beef cost me $26 total. Divided by 11 meals that’s $2.36 for 5 people, or .47 a person . Of course there were more ingredients involved in each meal, but that’s not bad in my mind. I don’t think the beef tastes nearly as good as what we get from our local farmer, so this time, it’s really going to have to last!


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