Food Waste Friday 3/2

You’d think since we’ve not even been home from vacation for one week yet, that I wouldn’t have any food waste to share, right? After all, I did a great job at cleaing out the fridge before we left. I moved left over milk to the freezer. I moved leftover spaghetti to the freezer. I cleaned out the ENTIRE fridge. It was so nice coming home to a clean fridge. NOTHING spoiled during the two weeks we were gone.

So I shouldn’t have any food waste to report today, right? WRONG. I’m frustrated to admit, that after being home only 6 days, I already have food waste.

I “allowed” my 8 year old to make fruit salad the other day without supervision. {Actually, it kind of happened while I was absorbed on the computer and not paying any attention to her. I admit it.} :/

She thought it would a great idea to make fruit salad out of oranges and bananas she didn’t peel. By the time I caught on, she’d cut up two bananas and two oranges and made us a delightful bowl of fruit salad with peels. GAH! She felt bad and did eat most of the oranges, but the bananas were just gross after the first day and I tossed them.

I also have a partial bowl of lettuce salad that’s not looking so good. The lid came off in the fridge overnight and that seems to be a surefire way to kill a salad. So it’s going to the compost.

Last but not least, I have a bit of fresh cilantro that needs to be made into some guacamole – avocados are 49 cents again at Aldi this week! YAY! And I also have a bunch of fresh parsley that I’m not crazy about. I’m trying to add more fresh herbs to my cooking, but I’m not sure about flat leaf parsley. Do you have any ideas?

Another bad week for food waste eat my house. Oh well. I’m trying!!

How did you do this week?

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    • You're right. :-) I have to work on my reaction, though. Poor girl is probably scarred for life after my initial reaction to her "fruit salad."
  1. I put dried parsley in all sorts of things (I'm sure fresh would work just as well- you can even use more because it's less potent when fresh!) like chili, spaghetti sauce of course, on top of pizza, on eggs, on anything that could use a bit of color. Also, if you have a food dehydrator, you can dry it for future use.
  2. When I posted my report for the week, I thought I was doing well, and then I discovered the 1/2 tub of ricotta that had gone bad and the pint jar of pureed tomatoes from the garden, also bad. The ricotta was on my fridge list; the tomatoes were not. On the plus side, I did use up old mozzarella that I found in the freezer and some pesto.
  3. I had to laugh at the fruit salad story. :) That's so cute and I'm sure you had a very hard time telling your daughter that the peels didn't quite work. :( When it comes to food waste, yes - it usually is the bunch of parsley or cilantro that didn't get all used. I try to use wilted herbs in scrambled eggs, soups or sauces. Enjoyed your post!

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