Garden Update ~ 5/14

I haven’t updated on my garden in a while because I’ve been ignoring it! 😉 Last time I updated, we had just planted our orchard trees thanks to a great neighbor friend who toiled with my husband on a nasty, cold April day and helped so I didn’t have to do much. Thanks, Mike!!


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    The landscape around your garden looks very flat. I see that you’re from Iowa. Is that typical? Our garden is usually consumed by rabbits, deer, and stink bugs so it’s a lot smaller that it used to be. A few tomatoes and herbs.

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      Iowa is definitely flat compared to other places we’ve lived like Germany, Arizona, and Colorado. But, the longer we’re here the more I see the contours. They’re there – it’s just very subtle!

  2. says

    Looks very large and nice. But I do have a question. Aren’t you worried about spray from the adjacent fields coming into the garden. Should be 50 ft. at least from the field. I have lost most of my garden twice due to spray drifting. Hope yours doesn’t get it. Just wondering. Sometimes broccoli will do better direct seeded, but I always start them indoors first along with cabbage, cauliflower, and kohlrabi. It can change from year to year also. Good luck with your garden.

    • says

      I am worried about that! In fact I argued with my husband about that very thing when we put the garden there. We’re going to ask the farmer to be very careful about spraying. We’ll see. :-(

  3. Robin says

    I’m so glad we were able to come visit, and I had a lot of fun helping you with your garden!!! How’s that brick boat holding up? :-)

  4. Sara Storr says

    Your garden looks great! I bought a few tomatoe plants from a farmer and he said that once I plant them I should put a cage around the plant and plastic wrap around the bottom of the cage to protect them from all the wind damage. I’ve never heard of such a thing, but I may have to try it!

  5. Jessica says

    Haha, 18 pumpkin plants! We planted 2 pie pumpkin plants last year and had over 30 pumpkins. Hope you have lots of canning jars ready;-) We also had over 20, 15+ lb butternut squash, from just a couple plants. I am totally squashed and pumpkined out.

  6. Tiffany C. says

    Your garden is looking beautiful! You husband gave you such a great Mother’s Day gift! What a sweety! The rest of the work you did made me tired just reading about it! You are a rock star!


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