Menu & Freezer Cooking Plan – 8/22

Last week was a great culinary week for me! If you missed the pictures of some of the yummy food we ate, check them out here. The pressure is on to make the most out of this week, too. So, here’s my plan:

Breakfast (served with fruit):

Chocolate Chip Banana Waffles (extra for the freezer)
Muffins (extra mixes for the freezer – I got the scone mixes made, but didn’t get to the muffin mixes last week)
French Toast & Homemade Butter Syrup
Homemade Egg McMuffins
Pancakes (extra mix for the fridge)
Yogurt & Homemade Granola (still haven’t made this either)

Lunch (served with veggies & fruit)

Beans & Rice
Grilled Cheese
Chick-fil-a (have coupons for free chicken nuggets from dressing like cows)
Left overs
Subway (still have those free coupons my girls won for being Summer Reading Top Readers)

Dinner (served with veg and salad)

Eggplant Parmesan (a fellow homeschooling mom gave me 2 beautiful homegrown eggplants at our back to school picnic last week) -if you have a favorite EP recipe, please share!
Enchiladas, Mexican fried rice
Thai Steak Salad
Grilled Chicken, some kind of potatoes
Eggrolls (still haven’t made these even though they’ve been on my menu for weeks…)
Italian Zucchini Pie (maybe an extra for the freezer if I get ambitious)

Other things I intend to make: I’m going to experiment with freezing dough for Monkey Bread so I can have a quick, make-ahead breakfast. If it works, I’ll share! Regardless, though, I’ll share how I do Monkey Bread. And finally, I’m almost swimming in zucchini! It’s about time! So, I’m making a Chocolate Zucchini Cake (as soon as I get some cocoa). And, I’ll need to bake bread again. We sure are going through food a lot faster around here. I haven’t made Artisan Bread in a while, so I’ll probably get a double batch of dough going for my fridge.

What are you eating this week? I’m sharing this at Menu Plan Monday. Bon App


  1. Cara Ivey says

    I have decided to scrounge up whatever meals I can without doing a big grocery shop this week. I’ll empty the freezer, pantry, and fridge this week! Tonight we had homemade pizza (from the freezer) for Ava’s birthday dinner! I used the bottom of a jar of spaghetti sauce for it, I always save every little last bit of EVERYTHING!! Never know how you may be able to use it later!
    Your monkey bread looks yummy!! I recently saw a recipe for “Pizza Monkey Bread”. The same dough, and add sauce, cheese, meat of your choice, ect. I’ve been wanting to try it!
    I made a half batch of your bread recipe today and can I just say…. YUMMO!!! (I’m picturing this being said in that Oprah voice) This will definatly be a keeper for us!

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