Easy Pumpkin Scones

One of our very favorite breakfasts is freshly baked scones. They are on my weekly menu plan quite often. I love them because I can prep the dry ingredients ahead of time for the freezer, and then just add butter, mix-ins, and milk for a quick homemade breakfast.

Easy Pumpkin Scones
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Tuesday Garden Party #TGP – Garden Inspiration for 9.30.2014

Welcome to another installment of the Tuesday Garden Party! I hope you are enjoying these weekly posts. I know I am. I love looking through all the ideas and learning new things from all of you smart gardeners and bloggers!

Tuesday Garden Party 9.30.2014 simplifyliveloveOn Sunday, I harvested the most awesome corn I have ever grown: Wade’s Giant Indian Flint Corn from Baker Creek. It really serves no purpose other than decorative, thought I do think I could grind it and use it as corn meal. But it’s just too pretty to destroy! I hung it up so it can finish drying and I hope to turn it into a pretty wreath. I’ll be sure to share the results once I get it done. If you’re thinking about fun crops to grow next year, definitely consider this awesome corn- it’s a huge hit with the kids.

I also shared a picture of one of our rooster, Chris P Chicken. He’s a Black Australorp and just the prettiest thing. I love his black feathers as they’ve got a pretty greenish tint in the sunshine. He’s really awesome. :D

Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 9/30/14

Tuesday Garden Party Co-Hosts_header.2

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Block Island Organics Sunscreen – Not just for summer… @BIOSuncare

Many thanks to Block Island Organics Sunscreen for sending me sunscreen to try out. I received product in consideration for this post, but the thoughts and opinions are all mine.

Block island organics - have you analayzed your sunscreen lately

Block Island Organics Sunscreen – Not just for summer…

While it might seem odd to write a post about sunscreen as the weather is cooling down, I think it’s the perfect time for everyone to revisit the topic of sunscreen. As a freckled redhead with a family history of skin cancers, staying safe in the sun is a pretty important topic to me. I’ve had many bad sunburns, unfortunately; but one of my most painful sunburns ever came at this time of the year on a cool, gorgeous fall day. I was visiting my boyfriend at the time, the man I’ve been married to for 18 years now, and we were at a football at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. It was a cool day, but the sun was shining hard. I had on a sweater and jeans, and had sunscreen on my face, yet my hands were exposed. And wouldn’t you know it, I burned the tops of my hands – because as a freckled red head, I burn very, very easily. It was seriously one of the most painful burns I can remember, and I’ve had some doozies in my 40 plus year.
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Scalloped Potatoes & Bacon For Slow Cookers

scalloped potatoes and bacon

I’ve been giving my crockpot a workout the last couple of weeks. It’s helping me a lot to get dinner on the table at an earlier time. Honestly, we usually eat kind of late – around 7 pm, but with 3 kids in an assortment of sports, activities, and practices, it’s really important that I feed my family earlier right now. I’ve tried out a lot of different recipes recently, and this one, Scalloped Potatoes & Bacon for Slow Cookers, is a winner!
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