Passive House Update – 6 months to move in

Passive House Update - 6 months to move inAre you ready for a Passive House Update? We are 6 months to move in and I thought I’d give you a little tour of the inside and talk a bit more about what needs to happen so we can get out of this barn and start living in a house again. Because truth be told, we’re all getting a little sick of barn life.

Passive House Update – 6 months to move in

Passive House Update -007

Passive House Exterior

For the most part, the outside of the house is finished. Obviously, the garage still needs to be clad. It’s getting coreten {weathering steel} on the outside and I’m excited to see how it will look when it’s finished. But I’m not in too big of a hurry, because priority is on finishing up the inside of the house so we can move in. We also still need to complete the breezeway which will connect the house to the garage. It’s going to be a see-through glass breezeway, as far as I know, and will be the only way you can enter the house from the front.

Passive House Interior

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Monthly Menu Ideas & 7 – 30 minute tasks for filling the freezer

It’s been a while since I shared a menu post. Truth be told, I really got a way from detailed menu planning in 2014 – seems a lot of my good ideas fell to the wayside with all the travel we did. I am determined to get back on track in 2015 and so I’m sharing with you menu ideas for the month of January in the new format I will try out this month. I’ll let you know at the end of the month how it works out for me. At the end of the post, you will also find a list of seven, 30 minute tasks you can complete to help fill your freezer with nutritious meals to cook when time is hard to find. I get a lot of good ideas from my friend, Robin, and this is menu format is no exception. Thanks, Robin, for the inspiring idea.

Monthly Menu Ideas & 7 - 30 minute tasks for filling the freezer

Monthly Menu Ideas & 7 – 30 minute tasks for filling the freezer

How to use this Meal Plan

Before I get into the nitty gritty of the actual meals, it might be helpful to explain how I intend to use this plan. I go back and forth when it comes to meal planning. I’ve done weekly, biweekly, and monthly plans in the past, as well as no plan at all. Sometimes I follow the plans to a T, and sometimes not all. I try to incorporate planned leftovers to make the next night’s dinner easier – as well as taking the time during some meal prep times (mostly breakfast and dinner) to double or quadruple the recipe so I end up with leftovers for the freezer, too.
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Fun Ways for Kids to Learn Math Facts

This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media and StudyPad Inc. All opinions expressed are my own.

 I’m a firm believer that math facts are really important and I want my kids to know them inside out. I have very vivid memories of practicing math facts with my parents when I was a kid. My mom is a college math teacher and my dad is an engineer. Suffice it to say, math has always been very important to them and I give them a lot of credit for making me memorize those pesky facts. It wasn’t very fun, but they got the job done and knowing my basic math facts comes in handy every, single day.

Fun Ways for Kids to Learn Math Facts  #FreeMathApp #MomBuzz

It’s very important to me that my kids learn their math facts inside out, too. Since I’m the homeschool teacher for a preschooler, first, third, and fifth grader – the onus is on me to make it fun for them. Repetition is key to learning math facts {a few minutes of practice a day will go further than a longer session once a week} – but learning basic math facts doesn’t all have to be boring drudgery all the time. Here are a few ways I have found to make learning math facts more fun for my kids.

Fun Ways for Kids to Learn Math Facts

 1. Time Tests & Grid Puzzles -

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Happy New Year! A look at 2014 and goals for 2015

Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and are enjoying a relaxing day today. I’m taking some time to strategize and do some strategic blog planning today. This blog really got away from me in 2014 and I would love to make it a priority again. The best way for me to make it happen is plan and then share those plans with you!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2015

 A look at 2014


Why did my blog take a back seat? Well, life really happened in 2014. All four kids are back to homeschooling for the 2014-2015 school year. It’s been a lot of work for me, learning how to homeschool a preschooler, first, third, and fifth grader all at the same time. And, we traveled so much in 2014 – it’s a little ridiculous. Our first trip was a two week road trip to Georgia and Florida to visit great friends. One of the reasons I homeschool is so I can pack my kids up and go when we want. The winter was ridiculously cold last year and we sure appreciated the warmth we found on that roadtrip and the dear friends we don’t see nearly often enough.

In April, my husband and I took a business trip to Nashville. We are part of a 20 Club through the National Association of Home Builders and travel twice a year with our club. The trips are always fun learning experiences and we sure enjoy the adult time we experience twice a year during these trips. We learn a lot too! :-D
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