Weekly Menu / Freezer Cooking Plan

Who wants to see what we’re eating this week? I haven’t shared one of my own menu plans in quite some time, but I’ve got to get my game on and get prepared. We’ve done such a good job eating from the pantry, fridge, and freezer that I have nothing left – nothing’s prepared and ready to go. That means I have to get to work. I don’t have a ton of time this week, but I will add some meatballs to the freezer and some granola to the pantry.

Weekly Menu Freezer Cooking Plan
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Azure Standard Order for April

I’m back home from our family vacation to warmer weather and trying to get back in the swing of things. I’m not gonna lie to you – I enjoyed not worrying much about this whole blog thing while I was gone! I’m having a hard time picking it back up. :-)

However, it’s that time of month again when Azure Standard orders are due. I’ve had my order ready for a couple of days now and thought it was high time to share it with you since quite a few of you expressed interest last month when I shared my March order!

Azure Standard Order for April

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Spring Bonanza Giveaway – Seeds from Baker Creek & More


Because you guys are so awesome, I’m participating in one final giveaway for the month of March – a Spring Bonanza Giveaway with 4 awesome green living/gardening bloggers.

Spring Bonanza Giveaway – Seeds from Baker Creek & More

10 Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Packets – I <3 Baker Creek – and use their seeds in my garden. (courtesy of Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.)

  1. Beet – Detroit Dark Red
  2. Carrot – Tonda di Parigi
  3. Cucumber – Boston Pickling
  4. Kale – Green Leaf Gailan (Chinese Kale)
  5. Pepper – Albino Bullnose
  6. Squash – Long Pie Pumpkin
  7. Sunflower – Mammoth Grey Striped
  8. Sweet Pea – King Edward VII
  9. Tomato – Black Krim
  10.  Tomato – Cherokee Purple

1 Large Planter
3 Small Planters
1 Organic Coir Brick
2 Pairs of Garden Gloves
1 Coffee Kitchen Scrub (courtesy of Peaceful Acres Farm)
1 The Gardening Notebook eBook (courtesy of Schneider Peeps)
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