How to Make Homemade 12 Grain Bread

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Continuing with my Earth Month Challenge this week – I’m moving to food. Today, I’m showing your how to make a delicious, homemade 12 Grain Bread. Bread is often a source of hidden ingredients (potassium bromate, trans fats, monoglycerides, diglycerides, BHA, high fructose corn syrup, coloring, soy lecithin – to name a few). Since I’d rather not feed my family these ingredients, I’ve learned over the years to bake my own super yummy bread. Another bonus – baking my bread is also lot cheaper than buying it from the store!

How to Bake 5 Loaves of 10-Grain Bread in Under 2 Hours and a Wondermix Giveaway

One way that I keep my costs down is to grind my own flour. I buy wheat berries in bulk from Azure Standard and make my own flour for pennies on the dollar. Because I don’t have a lot of time, and I have six hungry people to feed, I need to bake a lot of bread very quickly. Using the right equipment, I’m able to grind my own flour AND bake five loaves of yummy bread in under two hours – from start to finish, including clean up time. That’s not all active time either. The bread rises for half an hour and also bakes for half an hour.

How to Make Homemade 12 Grain Bread and WonderMix GiveawayI grew up eating what I call REAL BREAD in Germany. Bread that crunches. Bread that’s made with whole ingredients. Bread that has flavor. We used to joke that American Bread was plastic compared to the German bread we bought from bakeries. You know what plastic bread I’m talking about, right? After I got married and started cooking for my husband and then later my kids, there weren’t many great bread options for me. The good bread that I could find was seriously expensive and out of my price range. After meeting a woman who ground her own flour and baked her own delicious bread in 2003, I think, I was hooked. And I have been grinding my own flour and baking my own bread ever since.
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Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 4/7/2015

Tuesday Garden Party – Garden Inspiration for 4/7/2015

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It’s Tuesday and time for the Garden Party! Read on to link up your garden inspired posts – recipes, diy, tutorials, and tips & tricks! If you don’t have posts to link up, come keep reading for a big dose of garden inspiration!

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Be a Butterfly Hero – Grow a Butterfly Garden in a Pot

Be a Butterfly Hero - Grow a Butterfly Garden in a Pot #ad #Monrovia

Did you know that the monarch butterfly population has declined by over 90% in the last few years and over 30% of the butterfly habitats have been destroyed due to modern agricultural and gardening practices? It’s a very sad fact, but it’s true. Luckily, you can help by growing a butterfly garden to provide food and habitats to these important insects. If you think you need a lot of room to grow a butterfly garden, think again! All you need is a nice pot and the right plants. Here’s how you can be a butterfly hero by growing your own butterfly garden in a pot!

Be a Butterfly Hero – Grow a Butterfly Garden in a Pot

How to Plant a Butterfly Garden in a Pot #Monrovia #ad-010


  • Plants that attract butterflies and also are suited to container growing. I  learned about the plants on Monrovia’s website, but  I bought my plants while we were in Missouri as our gardening centers aren’t stocking very many plants yet and theirs were. But did you know that you can also order plants directly online and have them shipped to your gardening center? Yes! Shipping is free to the garden center of your choice. Head over to  Shop Monrovia to find the perfect plants for you!

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April Menu Plan & 7, 30 Minute Tasks for Filling the Freezer

It’s April and time for another meal plan! Here’s another month’s worth of recipe ideas plus seven more 30-minute tasks for filling the freezer! I hope you are enjoying these posts. I know they are really helping me stay on track.

April Menu Plan & 7, 30 Minute Tasks for Filling the Freezer

Monthly Meal Plan & 7, 30 Minute Tasks for Filling the Freezer

Recap from March’s Plan:

I did really great with my meal plan early in the month of March. I added three gallon ziplock bags of spaghetti sauce to the freezer and a bunch of  ground beef stroganoff, too. I also froze breakfast scone mixes and kept fresh bread in the freezer most of the month as well. But later in the month, my menu plan sort of feel by the way side. The weather turned nicer and we were outside a lot. I helped my husband on the passive house some, and we traveled a bit too. So we ate up most of what I had in the freezer and I’ve only got one bag of spaghetti sauce left now. But honestly, that’s why I freezer cook! So we have something homemade to eat when the plan goes south!

Monthly Menu Ideas

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