Weekly Menu & Freezer Cooking Plan 10/17

Very few of my good intentions became reality last week. I did get extra pizza dough made and in the freezer, my pie pumpkins cooked, and a double batch of Artisan Bread dough made up, but that’s pretty much it! It was just one of those weeks. I may as well copy and paste my menu from last week and try again!! :-) Do you ever have those weeks?

Here’s what we’re eating this week:

Breakfasts ~


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    Ok I’m seriously considering ditching my Cranberry Orange Pork for your Pork Roast…. Dang!! That sounds sooo good!
    Sometimes I definatly feel like it was a waste of time to even write up a menu… I hate having to gather things that didn’t go bad in the fridge, while I was busy not cooking them, to see what I can salvage for the next week. However, I always get super motivated to cook those dishes up just so I can see them crossed off my list once and for all!!

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