DDH Hip Brace – Week 2

And update on Sara ten days post Spica cast – and how we’re adjusting to life in the Lorenz Brace.
Lorenz Brace for treating developmental dysplasia of the hips

Lorenz Brace

While most children put in hip dysplasia braces seem to be placed in a Rhino Brace, Sara was placed in a Lorenz Brace – for whatever reason – surgeon’s preference. At first glance, I decided it looked like some sort of ancient torture device. And I still maintain that it looks less modern that what I see many kiddos placed in. But it does have some benefits!

Sara’s had her hip dysplasia (Lorenz) brace on for 10 days now. It is sooooo much better than the spica cast was, but it did come with its own set of challenges. The worst part for me has mostly been mental. Look at the brace! It’s Velcro. {That means it can come off.} I want so badly to take it off and let her walk again! BUT – if this brace means the difference between future surgery and no more surgery, we’ll leave it on. And we are. But it’s been a struggle.

Benefits of hip brace vs spica cast

If you’re facing a brace for DDH in the future – here’s what I’ve learned in the last 10 days:

  • It’s so much nicer to change a poopy diaper in that brace than in the spica! 😉 Yay for open access to the pooh! What a difference.
  • And YAY for cloth diapers! They fit again – that makes me happy.
  • The cast weighed a lot. She’s much lighter with the brace – that makes my back happy.
  • You’ll need something between the skin and the brace. The brace rubs on her skin when there’s no barrier. In Sara’s case, her baby legs are too short, so I’ve had to find leggings for her to wear under the brace. It’s nice to be able to put pants on her again.
  • As I said, the brace is mentally very hard. Even though  our surgeon told us all along he intended to put Sara in the brace, I was so focused on getting the cast off that I didn’t really think about what the brace would mean.
  • In a nutshell, the brace means she still can’t walk. She still doesn’t fit in shopping carts. She still doesn’t fit in high chairs. She still needs the loaner car seat. She fits better in those things than she did, but still not well.While I’m glad to be done with the spica cast, I’m still counting down. I want my baby back. I want to see if her walk has improved since pre-surgery. I want to see that her waddle is gone and that she can run without falling down. March 12 is the new magical date. On that Monday, we will start weaning her from the brace. The surgeon says to do it slowly, over several weeks, but I’m not sure that will happen. Sara’s ready to be done too.If you’ve faced DDH with a brace, I’d love to hear about it.
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