Witch or Which or Sandwich?

Earlier in the week as I was grading my college comp I papers, I noticed a few mistakes with the witch and which. So, in honor of my college students, here’s your 5 Minute Grammar Lesson!

#1. A WITCH is a magical woman. A noun. She might ride a broom and wear a pointy hat. Or, she may have tattoos and like to knit. You never know. Which is why you might not want to judge and brings me to point #2.

#2. WHICH is an adjective or a pronoun. You generally want more information when you use WHICH. WHICH car did you buy? WHICH book did you read? WHICH witch did you see last night?


#3. Of course, just to utterly confuse you, English has a third type of wich – SANDWICH – notice, no t or extra h as found in #1 and #2. But doesn’t that look good? 😉

Unfortunately, these three words are NOT interchangeable. As with so many other things in English, they just have to be memorized. I highly suggest not getting them confused on formal papers for English teachers! 🙂

And that’s your 5 Minute Grammar Lesson! Enjoy!!

Witch or Which or Sandwich ~5 minute grammar lesson

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  1. It is so true about the short attention span, but just as equal is short on time. I'm sure everyone can agree on that. When writing my posts, I try to add a little humor to it. I think that's what draws me to other's posts.
  2. As for length, the key is balance. I don't mind a long post if it takes that to get the information across. I don't like long posts that ramble on an on about nothing. I also detest short post that say nothing, usually released just to keep up with their blog schedule to try to bring in readers. Both are huge time consumers. Kingdom Life & Blessings

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